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How To Use

Because the Rotisserie Ties are elastic, they stretch to over 300% of their original length. This makes it easy to attach them to the poultry or roast of your choice. View the demonstration videos below to see how easy it is!

Example using 2 - 3" Ties

Lay the chicken breast-side face up, Slip the 3 or 5" tie around the chicken's Breast, Wings & Back. Holding the wings next to the body of the chicken. Then twist it & double it and place around the ends of the chicken legs holding them together.

Example using 1 - 7" Tie

With the 7" tie, lay the chicken breast-side face down, Slip the 7" tie around the ends of the legs, Crisscross the tie on the back, then lift the front part of the chicken up and slip the tie over the wings and the breast of the chicken.

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Flexible and easy to apply!

Our rotisserie ties provide an easy means of securing poultry, beef roasts and pork roasts for packaging or cooking. Made of cotton covered rubber, they are hygienic, flexible, and easy to apply without the use of equipment.

They are available in a variety of sizes. 3", 5" & 7"


  • Keeps the shape of chicken and turkey
  • Easy to apply - no machinery involved
  • Minimizes skin damage
  • Flexible food grade rubber
  • Available in a range of sizes and colors