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elastic rotisserie ties

Elastic Rotisserie Ties Description

"Actual merchandise shown. We offer elastic rotisserie ties that replace those you receive from George Foreman, Ronco Showtime, etc.., but at a much reduced price. Pork ties, chicken ties, beef ties, poultry ties, rotisserie ties, turkey ties, string ties, roast ties, cotton loops - whatever you call them - are in stock at either 3", 5" or 7", off-white in color and will stretch over 300%!

These high quality elastic rotisserie ties, 1/16" USDA / FDA approved rubber covered cotton loops will work with all rotisseries!! They are stretchable, hygienic and easy to use. We offer a great product for less!"

Elastic Rotisserie Ties Uses

  • 7" ties will fit across all sizes of chickens, medium to large turkeys, cornish hens, beef and pork roasts.
  • 5" Ties measure 5" in diameter unstretched and will stretch over 300% !!!
  • 3"ties can be used on Cornish hens or to tie the legs of a variety of poultry.

These elastic rotisserie ties will keep poultry wings and legs close to the body in order to keep them from burning or drying out during the cooking process. Just stretch them around the wings and legs and minimize skin damage. They also work great for holding pork and beef roasts together during the cooking process whether or not you use a rotisserie!

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Sealed & Unbundled

Sealed & Unbundled Elastic Food Ties
Excellent seller. Super Fast ship. Well packaged & personalized. Thanks ++++*

Flexible and easy to apply!

Our rotisserie ties provide an easy means of securing poultry, beef roasts and pork roasts for packaging or cooking. Made of cotton covered rubber, they are hygienic, flexible, and easy to apply without the use of equipment.

They are available in a variety of sizes. 3", 5" & 7"


  • Keeps the shape of chicken and turkey
  • Easy to apply - no machinery involved
  • Minimizes skin damage
  • Flexible food grade rubber
  • Available in a range of sizes and colors